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Compressed Natural Gas for Forestry

Certarus, a temporary CNG supplier, plays a critical role in providing solutions to the solid wood product manufacturing, pulp and paper product manufacturing and logging sectors within the forest industry. Certarus is the premier choice for safe, reliable and efficient service for off grid power generation, fuel conversions to CNG and temporary supply of process fuel gas (planned and unplanned).

CNG delivery to logging sector of forestry

CNG is a cost effective solution for the conversion of process kiln units from bunker and heavy oil to CNG. Given the long term stable pricing of natural gas, operators can mitigate future fuel price increases, limit and reduce emissions exposure, reduce carbon tax implications and increase efficiencies. For more information regarding compressed natural gas for forestry, contact us today.

CNG Applications

  • Temporary or emergency natural gas supply
  • Remote power generation
  • Power and heat for remote camps
  • Industrial process equipment
  • New construction and facility commissioning

Certarus CNG Success Story

A pulp mill customer required an emergency supply of natural gas at their facility. Certarus was contacted to help maintain minimal support for critical systems within the mill. In addition to handling the request for minimal support, Certarus further assisted the customer by supplying 100% of their natural gas volume requirements to continue production operations. Key highlights from the job:
  • Peak demand of CNG = 3,200 GJ/day
  • Total gas supplied for job = 16,350 GJ
  • CNG loads delivered = 47
  • Days of support = 7
  • HSE incidents = 0

certarus trailers at mechanical pulp plant