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Bulk CNG Delivery for Oil & Gas

Certarus is a leader in providing a fully integrated virtual CNG pipeline for customers in the energy industry, specifically the North American Oil and Gas industrial markets. Our primary business is the creation of a “Virtual Natural Gas Pipeline” through the compression, transportation and integration of CNG for the energy services, mining, forestry and industrial sectors. Our solution targets diesel and propane fuel displacement projects to lower operating costs and reduce environmental impact. For more information regarding our bulk CNG delivery for energy customers, contact us today.

As global energy demand continues to climb, the need to discover and extract crude oil becomes more important. Once refined, it’s used to manufacture petroleum-based products like gasoline and diesel fuel as well as plastics, performance fabrics, heating oils, and asphalt. Like every business sector, however, the energy industry must find ways to maximize profitability while minimizing costs and emissions.

Optimize your operations with low-carbon CNG solutions from Certarus. We specialize in the integration of natural gas into oilfield applications by creating virtual CNG pipelines that eliminate diesel and propane fuel dependency. Whether you’re pulling crude oil from the ground or manufacturing oil tools, our team can help boost performance while reducing environmental impacts. Contact us today to find a solution for your operations.

Oil & Gas Applications of CNG

Discovering, extracting, shipping, and refining crude oil is a long process, and an extensive supply chain is needed to bring the finished product to market. This involves oil tools and drilling rigs, trained personnel, thousands of miles of pipelines, storage facilities in major oil trading hubs, refineries, and logistics networks, just to name a few.

At Certarus, we have years of experience integrating natural gas into just about every aspect of the energy industry.

Here are sectors of the industry in which we specialize:


Oil companies are under increased pressures to maximize well production while cutting costs and emissions. With a secure and consistent supply of natural gas from Certarus, drillers can quickly meet all three benchmarks.

Bi-Fuel Fracing

Diesel fuel has long been the top choice for high-horsepower pressure pumping applications. Although effective, diesel is expensive, inefficient, and environmentally harmful. Bi-fuel fracing enables engines to run on two fuels. Utilizing Certarus-delivered natural gas maintains engine performance while reducing emissions.

Turbine-Powered Electric Fracing

Mobile and modular turbines enable drillers to switch from diesel-fueled engines to natural gas-powered turbines that produce electricity to drive pressure pumps for fracing operations. Our CNG solutions help you reduce fuel costs and fulfill commitments to curb carbon emissions in places like the Permian Basin and other areas across North America.

Frac Water Heating

During fracing, a single well consumes millions of gallons of water that must be heated. The heated fluid is specifically designed to propagate crude oil better. Bulk CNG delivery with Certarus is a clean-burning, cost-effective way to heat frac water quickly and proficiently.

Well Stimulation and Production

Completing an oil well requires a lot of time and capital. Production and pressure declines after completion are significant challenges facing oilfield operators. The high-pressure injection of natural gas supplied by Certarus into existing vertical wells can increase reservoir pressure stimulation and horizontal well production.

The Certarus Advantage

Our primary business is the creation of a virtual pipeline through the compression, transportation, and integration of natural gas into the energy services sector. As a leading CNG solutions provider for North American commercial and industrial applications, we have the nation’s largest CNG trucking fleet and unrivaled natural gas access.

When partnering with Certarus to supply natural gas for your oil and gas application, we take care of everything. You’re free to focus solely on what you do best. Our team can quickly and efficiently set up a tailor-made CNG virtual pipeline system, which consists of pipeless delivery from permanent or portable hubs and onsite decompression. This process offers a range of benefits:

  • Safe, clean, and reliable
  • Reduces fuel costs by 30 to 70 percent
  • Equipment operation with no horsepower loss
  • CNG-powered rigs have lower maintenance costs, which increases profitability
  • CNG-powered platforms reduce carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions up to 20 percent
  • Eliminates fuel spill and oil contamination risks
  • CNG delivery offers a consistent fuel supply
  • Redundant regional supply points
  • No boil-off or flaring

The CNG Virtual Pipeline

The CNG virtual pipeline system begins with the delivery of CNG from permanent hubs strategically located across North America. They are capable of supplying up to 10,000 cubic feet of natural gas per day, which is sufficient for high-volume end-users. These technologically driven hubs are capable of filling large-volume CNG trailers in less than one hour.

CNG is safely delivered to your oilfield application via high-pressure, large-volume transport trailer systems that can carry up to 620 cubic feet of CNG per load. Upon arrival at your site, natural gas is distributed through composite tubes that can operate at pressures up to 4,200 pounds per square inch, or PSI.

Extreme conditions are not an issue for Certarus. We have custom CNG decompression stations, which use pressure-reduction systems for cold and hot weather mobile gas depressurization. This offers a range of advantages such as:

  • Trailer-mounted CNG decanting station
  • Capable of delivering gas at specific pressures and temperatures to multiple consumers at once
  • Remote monitoring enables real-time information
  • Ability to operate and decant, or depressurize, as an unmanned unit
  • Metering and custody transfer happens at the production site
  • Fully automated daily ticketing

Tailored CNG Solutions

When regular deliveries of high-performance CNG aren’t enough, Certarus goes one step further. We can design, deliver, and construct portable onsite CNG hubs capable of supplying over 6,000 cubic feet of instantaneous natural gas per day to meet the needs of critical oil and gas operations.

Certarus can mobilize and deliver portable CNG compressors to operating sites quickly, which keeps production going. This creates a regional supply of CNG that eliminates expensive trucking, LNG liquefaction costs, and allows the burning of natural gas feedstocks.

  • Located in regions with multiple large volume consumers of diesel and propane
  • Positioned off of major highways
  • Standard compression hub size of up to 6 mmcf/d
  • Capable of displacing up to 175,000 liters, or 46,000 gallons, of diesel per day
  • Targeted CNG transport and delivery distance of fewer than 150 miles from compression hubs
  • Portable design enables easy mobilization and demobilization
  • Allows producers to utilize internal gas feedstock for additional cost savings

On Your Side

Energy consumption is of growing importance, from businesses to customers. A move towards greater energy efficiency is essential to preserve the environment in which we live and work.

Improve your oil and gas application with clean and efficient CNG from Certarus. We provide oilfield operators and their suppliers with cost-effective, turnkey carbon-reduction solutions utilizing abundant, low-cost North American natural gas.

Contact us today to learn more about CNG solutions for your Oil & Gas operation.