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Pipeline Peak Shaving

Certarus offers natural gas pipeline peak shaving and peak shaving systems to flatten peaks in demand via a reliable source of natural gas. We can help utilities plan for demand peaks by compressing and storing gas during low demand periods. Contact us today to learn more about our peak shaving systems.

What is Peak Shaving?

In times of high demand, such as during emergencies or extended temperature extremes (hot or cold), the normal baseline of demand for natural gas can be far exceeded. These times are called “peak” demand periods and must be flattened or “shaved.” To do so, utilities require a dependable source of gas that can safely and rapidly be delivered to the distribution system.

Peak shaving is most common in the Northeast, Midwest, and Southeast regions of the United States and tends to follow seasonal trends during extremely cold winters or blistering summers.

Natural Gas Peak Shaving

There are many advantages to utilizing CNG for peak shaving. First and foremost, compressed natural gas offers a reliable, cost-efficient solution that is capable of supporting you during times of peak demand, whether these last for days or months. Peak shaving CNG service can also:

  • Strengthen Reliability
  • Solve Pressure Issues
  • Mitigate Risk of Interruptible Service
  • Assist Aging Infrastructure (Propaine-Air or LNG)


Although the most common user for power peak shaving are Natural Gas Utilities, there are several others such as:

Why Certarus?

With bulk CNG hubs strategically located to target large volume North American fuel consumption corridors, Certarus can deliver CNG rapidly and safely, ensuring homes and industrial facilities have a consistent and reliable source of natural gas during the colder months. Contact us today to learn more about how CNG and our power peak shaving services and systems can support your operations, keeping natural gas flowing during peak demand.