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CNG Virtual Pipeline for Pipeline Outages

Certarus’ CNG Virtual Pipeline for pipeline outages offers an efficient and effective method for mitigating both planned and unplanned pipeline outages, in addition to pipeline pigging. By using Certarus’ CNG, pipeline customers can use natural gas to supply their pipeline needs all while saving time and money over using nitrogen and other more expensive procedures. For more information contact us today.

certarus cng virtual pipeline for piplines

Pipeline Applications

  • Emergency Natural Gas Supply During Pipeline Ruptures
  • Pipeline Maintenance
  • CNG for Pipeline Outages
  • CNG for Line Pigging
  • Pipeline Integrity Testing
  • Pipeline Relocations
  • Natural Gas Supply For Industrial or Residential Customers Waiting On Main Gas Service
  • Industrial Hot Process Supply Gas During Plant Shutdown or Maintenance


  • Safe, clean and reliable solution for line pigging
  • Low cost alternative to using nitrogen
  • Eliminate the cost of nitrogen purging
  • Avoid using corrosive materials that may harm the pipeline
  • Redundant Regional supply points
  • North America’s largest CNG Fleet