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CNG Virtual Pipeline for Pipeline Outages

Certarus’ CNG Virtual Pipeline for pipeline outages offers an efficient and effective method for mitigating both planned and unplanned pipeline outages, in addition to pipeline pigging. By using Certarus’ CNG, pipeline customers can use natural gas to supply their pipeline needs all while saving time and money over using nitrogen and other more expensive procedures. For more information contact us today.

certarus cng virtual pipeline for piplines

Pipelines safely connect homeowners, businesses, and industrial facilities with natural gas, which provides economic growth to communities across the country. Grid operators must occasionally stop natural gas flows, however, which negatively impacts those downstream.

Keep customers connected to the valuable heating and cooling fuels or manufacturing feedstocks they need during planned or unplanned outages with virtual natural gas pipelines from Certarus. We react quickly to compress, transport, and integrate natural gas in areas impacted by pipeline outages, enabling grid operators to make necessary improvements. Contact us today to learn more about CNG for pipeline pigging & outages.

Benefits of CNG

CNG has a number of benefits when it comes to pipeline outages and pipeline pigging applications. To start, there is a plentiful supply of CNG and with Certarus, you’ll have redundant supply points, ensuring there is no interruption to your fuel supply.

CNG can also be mobilized wherever you need it and with regional supply points nationwide, Certarus hubs are easily accessible. Another benefit of CNG is that it can be supplied to you at any pressure you require with on-site decompression.

Pipeline Applications of CNG

Pipelines are constructed with safety in mind. High-performance coatings and pipe materials improve longevity, whereas shutoff valves permit quick response when issues arise. Comprehensive regulations govern construction and operational processes.

From time to time, grid operators must shutoff process media flow. Our CNG virtual pipeline services are an ideal way to keep communities connected to the natural gas they depend on during an array of situations.

Planned Outages

Strategic maintenance of existing infrastructure, construction of new routes, and expansion of existing networks can occasionally disrupt natural gas transmission. Another cause of planned outages includes examination and testing periodically required by local, regional, and national regulators. A CNG virtual pipeline from Certarus delivers uninterrupted natural gas access during these periods.

Emergency Outages

Many things can suddenly disrupt natural gas pipeline functionality. These include inclement weather, corrosion of equipment, weld failures, and even blunt force from workers or onlookers. Certarus offers rapid delivery of CNG with redundant regional supply points, minimizing downtime during emergency pipeline outages.

Line Pigging

Pipeline pigging is the practice of using devices or implements known as ‘pigs’ to perform various cleaning, clearing, maintenance, inspection, dimensioning, process, and testing processes on new and existing pipelines. While most pigging operations are performed without stopping product flow, occasionally transmission shut off is necessary. A CNG virtual pipeline from Certarus provides consistent natural gas access while the transmission is shut off.

Why Certarus?

Whether planning for a future outage or responding to an emergent event, Certarus offers CNG solutions when you need them. Certarus is a leading CNG solutions provider for North American commercial and industrial applications with the nation’s largest fleet of CNG trailers and unrivaled natural gas access. Our team can quickly and efficiently set up a tailor-made CNG virtual pipeline system consisting of pipeless delivery from permanent or portable hubs and onsite decompression. Benefits of this process include:

  • Safe, clean and reliable solution for line pigging
  • Low cost alternative to Nitrogen
  • Eliminate the cost of Nitrogen purging
  • Avoid using corrosive materials that may harm the pipeline
  • Redundant Regional supply points
  • No boil-off or flaring

The CNG Virtual Pipeline

The CNG virtual pipeline system begins with the delivery of CNG from permanent hubs strategically located across North America. These hubs are capable of supplying up to 10,000 cubic feet of instantaneous natural gas per day, which is sufficient for most high-volume end-users. These technologically driven hubs are capable of filling large-volume CNG trailers in less than one hour.

CNG is safely moved to your outage-impacted area using high-pressure, large-volume transport trailer systems, thus creating the “virtual pipeline.” Upon arrival, the natural gas is distributed through composite tubes that can operate at pressures up to 4,200 pounds per square inch, or PSI.

Extreme conditions are not an issue for Certarus. We have custom CNG decompression stations, which use pressure-reduction systems for cold and hot weather mobile gas depressurization. This offers the following advantages:

  • Trailer-mounted CNG decanting station
  • Capable of delivering gas at specific pressures and temperature to multiple consumers at once
  • Remote monitoring enables real-time information
  • Ability to operate and decant as an unmanned unit
  • Metering and custody transfer happen at the production site
  • Fully automated daily ticketing

Your Pipeline Outage Partner

Without pipelines, homes and businesses would endure drastic increases in the price of electricity, heating, fuel, and an untold amount of consumer goods. The cost of energy is built into nearly everything we use and consume daily.

Keep customers connected to natural gas during planned or emergency pipeline outages with clean and efficient CNG virtual pipelines from Certarus. We provide pipeline operators with cost-effective, turnkey carbon-reduction solutions using abundant, low-cost North American natural gas.

Contact us for more information about our CNG virtual pipeline for pipeline pigging & outages.