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CNG for Remote & Temporary Power Generation

Due to economic, environmental, and technological changes, Compressed Natural Gas has become the fuel of choice for remote and temporary power generation.

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From operating household appliances to connecting global businesses, electricity is pivotal to modern society. While massive plants power metropolitan areas, it’s challenging to service hard-to-reach or sparsely populated communities and job sites.

Deliver clean and affordable energy to people in rural and remote areas with end-to-end compressed natural gas solutions from Certarus. We specialize in the compression, transportation, and integration of natural gas into power generation processes with a virtual natural gas pipeline. The elimination of diesel and propane fuel dependency reduces operating costs and environmental degradation. For more information about CNG for remote & temporary power generation applications, contact us today.

Why CNG?

One in every five people, most of whom live or work in underserved or hard-to-access locations, rely on kerosene, candles, and battery torches for essential lighting and equipment operation. Closing this gap and providing reliable and sustainable electricity access using environmentally friendly natural gas has many benefits:

  • Better educational or workplace functionality
  • Healthier cooking conditions
  • Cleaner equipment operation

Compressed natural gas, or CNG, is a fuel that can be used in place of gasoline, diesel fuel, and liquefied petroleum gas to power structures, equipment, and devices. Additional benefits of CNG include:

  • Cost-effective
  • Price stability
  • Better performance than petroleum-based fuelds
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Fewer undesirable gases emitted during combustion

In addition to the benefits listed above, CNG also gives off little to no emissions during refueling. This makes it safer not only for the operator, but the environment as well. In the event of a spill, CNG quickly dissipates instead of contaminating soil and water sources. This reduces fire or explosion risks commonly associated with other fuels.

The CNG Virtual Pipeline

When partnering with Certarus to supply natural gas for power generation applications, we take care of everything. As a leading CNG solutions provider for North American commercial and industrial applications, our team provides a turnkey electrical solution for the communities or worksites you need to power.

To safely power an area or job site, we set up a tailor-made CNG virtual pipeline system. This consists of pipeless delivery from permanent or portable hubs and onsite decompression. Benefits of this process include:

  • Reduced emissions
  • Safe, clean, and reliable energy solution
  • Smaller footprint than LNG
  • Higher BTU content than liquified natural gas or propane
  • Automated dispatch and scheduling
  • Redundant regional supply points

The CNG virtual pipeline system begins with the delivery of CNG from permanent hubs strategically located across North America. These technologically driven hubs, capable of supplying up to 10,000 cubic feet of natural gas per day, can also fill large-volume storage trailers in less than one hour.

The CNG is brought to the area needing power with high-capacity transport trailer systems, carrying up to 620 cubic feet of CNG per load. Upon arrival, the natural gas is distributed through composite tubes that can operate at pressures up to 4,200 pounds per square inch, or PSI.

Challenging environmental conditions are not an issue for Certarus. We have custom CNG decompression stations that use pressure-reduction systems for cold and hot weather mobile gas depressurization. They provide the following benefits.

  • Trailer-mounted CNG decanting station
  • Capable of delivering gas at specific pressures and temperatures to multiple consumers at once
  • Remote monitoring enables real-time information
  • Ability to operate and decant as an unmanned unit
  • Metering and custody transfer happen at the production site
  • Fully automated daily ticketing

Empowering Communities

Like air and water, electricity is sometimes taken for granted. However, it’s needed for everything from lighting, heating, and cooling homes to cooking food and powering machinery. Stable pricing and robust availability mean clean-burning natural gas is a perfect power source for areas not connected to the grid or temporary work projects in tough-to-access locations.

Energize communities with CNG virtual pipelines from Certarus. With the largest CNG distribution network in North America, we make remote and temporary power generation simple.

For more information about CNG for remote & temporary power generation, contact us today.

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