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You need clean fuel you can count on. Certarus safely delivers low carbon energy solutions directly to your site without the need for a pipeline.

Our compressed energy delivery network provides clean, cost-effective alternatives to high emission fuel sources that help you lower costs and reduce emissions.

With the largest fleet in the industry, we operate a virtual pipeline that simplifies energy delivery by safely transporting CNG and renewable natural gas (RNG) for the agriculture, energy, and industrial sectors. By displacing diesel and propane fuels, we help customers lower operating costs and improve environmental performance.

We support the growing RNG sector by helping customers capture stranded biogas and deliver it to pipeline injection sites so they can get their product to market. Our compressed energy network is also capable of safely serving the emerging hydrogen sector, and we are in early stages of several exciting pilot projects.

From Mining and Forestry to Oil & Gas and Asphalt production – we help industrial customers across North America transition to a clean energy future.