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Well Stimulation & Production

Production decline is the biggest hindrance for operators today. When a well is completed the production and pressure is declining at a varying rate depending on geological locations.

Certarus CNG injection for well cleanouts

Certarus high-pressure natural gas injection compressor for EOR, well cleanouts, frac mitigation, and huff & puffs

Natural Gas Enhanced Oil Recovery

Utilize Certarus specialized CNG equipment for high pressure natural gas injection into existing vertical wells to increase reservoir pressure stimulating / increasing horizontal well production.

Completion Frac Communication Mitigation

Utilize Certarus high pressure CNG compression to energize regional wells that would normally experience natural frac fluid communication with continuous high pressure natural gas. Energizing regional off set wells helps mitigate natural communication of fluid and provides a concurrent well cleanout through the existing perforations. Ability to recover injected commodity upon flow back of the well reducing costs vs. N2.

Artificial Lift

Utilize Certarus CNG equipment for temporary or permanent artificial lift for well kick offs and temporarily lift inactive wells to stimulate production reclassifying the well status from inactive to active to reduce liability rating (LLR).

Well Cleanouts

Low cost solution over the use of Nitrogen or swab Rigs. Certarus has the ability to inject 4200Psi of Natural Gas directly into the well head, down the backside of the casing and up the tubing.