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Whistleblower Policy

Certarus is committed to the highest possible standards of ethical, moral and legal business conduct. Our Whistleblower Policy outlines our procedures for the reporting of unethical behavior or suspected violations of any law, rule, regulation or Company policy. The Company will not allow retaliation for reports made in good faith and in accordance with the Company’s policy.

Certarus Ethics Reporting Program

Telephone: 1-800-661-9675, accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Online Reporting: www.certarus.confidenceline.net


ConfidenceLine has been selected by Certarus as its authorized external service provider for the purpose of reporting unethical or improper conduct. This service is open to all employees of Certarus.

The ConfidenceLine web reporting system offers a secure, state of the art, web reporting communications process that allows for direct and confidential communication between you and Certarus.