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CNG Delivery for Mining

Certarus has developed its operational excellence in the safety first, fast paced and demanding oil and gas industry since 2012. Building on this robust experience, Certarus can reduce mining fuel costs by 25-30% while reducing greenhouse gases (GHG) and providing stability to a volatile fuel market. This is all dome through a CNG virtual pipeline for mining. For more information, contact us now.

certarus cng delivery to mining operation

Certarus provides a turn key solution for all conversion requirements from Propane to clean burning Compressed Natural Gas. Our in-house team of Professional Engineers project manages all application conversion requirements from start to finish.

Geographical and economic constraints can prevent or delay the construction of natural gas pipelines and connection to the main electricity grid. Historically, diesel and propane have been the only choices available for generating off grid electricity, heating and fuel, leaving mining operations susceptible to higher carbon tax and price fluctuations. Certarus' CNG delivery for mining operations provides a unique alternative to conventional power and heating generation which reduces operating costs, provides cost certainty for life of mine budgeting and can lower the overall carbon footprint of the operation.


  • Remote power generation
  • Power for peak shaving
  • Mitigate Global Adjustment fee
  • Mine shaft and general heating
  • Power and heat for remote camps
  • New mine construction
  • Industrial process equipment
  • Water and fluid heating

Certarus CNG Advantages

  • Reduced CO2 and NOX emissions up to 20%
  • Natural gas can simplify your fuel supply chain by replacing multiple fuels onsite for heating and power generation (propane for heating and diesel for power generation)
    • Central fueling system with onsite natural gas supply lines
  • Cost certainty for life of mine
  • Zero power generation de-rate with natural gas versus propane
  • Strategic regional supply points source gas close to customer locations, which lowers transportation costs and reduces the risks associated with trucking
  • Employment of local staff to support operations
  • North America’s largest CNG fleet
  • Automated dispatch and scheduling
  • Avoid gelling issues associated with using propane in cold weather operations
  • No “boil off” compared to LNG

on-site cng at mining facility

certarus cng at mining operation