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CNG Delivery for Mining

Certarus has developed its operational excellence in the safety first, fast paced and demanding oil and gas industry since 2012. Building on this robust experience, Certarus can reduce mining fuel costs by 25-30% while reducing greenhouse gases (GHG) and providing stability to a volatile fuel market. This is all done through a CNG virtual pipeline for mining. For more information, contact us now.

certarus cng delivery to mining operation

CNG Delivery for Mining

The extraction of precious minerals is crucial to the advancement of civilization. They are needed to build infrastructure, operate vehicles, generate electricity, and create products. Challenges like mine location, fuel resource access, and emissions reduction pressure can impede success, however.

Keep excavating equipment operating with end-to-end compressed natural gas solutions and CNG delivery for mining from Certarus Ltd. We are a leading CNG services provider for North American commercial and industrial applications. We compress, transport, and integrate natural gas into mining processes, effectively creating a CNG virtual pipeline for mining operations that reduces operating costs and environmental impacts by eliminating diesel and propane fuel dependency. Contact us today to learn more.

What is CNG?

Compressed natural gas, or CNG, is a fuel that can be used in place of gasoline, diesel fuel, and liquefied petroleum gas to power structures, equipment, and devices.

What are the Advantages of CNG?

CNG combustion provides fewer undesirable gases than those fuel sources. Additional benefits of CNG include:

  • Better performance than petroleum-based fuels
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Little to zero emissions during fueling
  • Lower maintenance costs

CNG is one of the cleanest-burning transportation fuels on the market today. It has a lower carbon content, produces the fewest emissions of all other fuels, and contains significantly fewer pollutants than conventional liquid fuels. Because CNG fuel systems are sealed, vehicles and equipment using this fuel will not generate evaporative emissions.

Common Mining Applications

Reducing fossil fuel-driven energy consumption is a crucial way to optimize mining operation sustainability. Natural gas produces around half the carbon dioxide of coal when used to generate electricity. It’s also abundant and far less expensive. Here are some ways CNG can improve mining applications.

Mine Air Heating

Mines in cold environments often require heating and ventilation systems to keep the air temperature above freezing, which prevents ice buildup. CNG from Certarus improves conditions while curbing costs and emissions.

Cogen Power Supply

Cogeneration is the simultaneous production of two energy types, usually electricity and heat, from a single input source. Also called combined heat and power, or CHP, generation capabilities can range from one to 20 megawatts of power. CNG is a clean and efficient cogen equipment power source, and Certarus is here to help.

Centralized Fueling

Mining operators have begun combining once-fragmented onsite fueling into one location, which is an effective and risk-reducing cost-management practice. Certarus specializes in the delivery of CNG to centralized fueling hubs.

Custom Mining Solutions

When regular trailer deliveries of high-performance CNG aren’t enough, Certarus goes one step further. We can design, deliver, and construct portable onsite CNG hubs capable of supplying over 6,000 cubic feet of instantaneous natural gas per day, which can meet the needs of the most demanding mining operations.

Certarus can mobilize an extensive supply of portable CNG compressors immediately, delivering them to the operating site quickly, which keeps production going. This creates a regional supply of CNG that eliminates expensive trucking, LNG liquefaction costs, and enables clients to burn their natural gas feedstock.

  • Located in regions with multiple large volume consumers of diesel and propane
  • Positioned off of major highways
  • Standard compression hub size of up to 6 mmcf/d
  • Capable of displacing up to 175,000 liters, or 46,000 gallons, of diesel per day
  • Targeted CNG transport and delivery distance of fewer than 150 miles from compression hubs
  • Portable design enables easy mobilization and demobilization
  • Allows producers to utilize internal gas feedstock for additional cost savings

The Certarus Advantage

  • Cost certainty for the life of the mine
  • Uninterrupted CNG delivery
  • Automated dispatch and scheduling
  • Zero power generation de-rate
  • Lower operating costs
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Market stabilization
  • No boil-off or flaring

Your CNG virtual pipeline system begins with the delivery of CNG from permanent hubs strategically located across North America. They are capable of supplying up to 10,000 cubic feet of instantaneous natural gas per day, which is sufficient for high-volume end-users. These technologically driven hubs are capable of filling large-volume CNG trailers in less than one hour.

Bulk amounts of CNG are safely delivered to your mining operation without pipelines by utilizing high-pressure, large-volume transport trailer systems. They are capable of carrying up to 620 cubic feet of CNG per load. Upon arrival, the natural gas is distributed through large-volume composite tubes that can operate at pressures up to 4,200 pounds per square inch, or PSI.

Temperature is no issue for Certarus. We have custom-designed CNG decompression stations, which use pressure-reduction systems for cold and hot weather mobile gas depressurization. This offers the following advantages.

  • Trailer-mounted CNG decanting station
  • Capable of delivering gas at specific pressures and temperatures to multiple consumers at once
  • Remote monitoring enables real-time information
  • Ability to operate and decant, or depressurize, as an unmanned unit
  • Metering and custody transfer happens at the production site
  • Fully automated daily ticketing

Low Carbon Energy Solutions

The amount of metals and minerals relied upon in everyday life is staggering. From the cement walked on to the computer monitors used, people need the products of modern mining practices.

Power your mining operation with clean and efficient CNG from Certarus. We are focused on providing the mining industry and its supply chain partners with cost-effective, turnkey carbon-reduction solutions utilizing abundant, low-cost North American natural gas.

Contact us today to learn more about our mining industry services.

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certarus cng at mining operation