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Virtual CNG Pipeline for Oil & Gas

Discovering, extracting, shipping, and refining crude oil is a long process, and an extensive supply chain is needed to bring the finished product to market. This involves oil tools and drilling rigs, trained personnel, thousands of miles of pipelines, storage facilities in major oil trading hubs, refineries, and logistics networks, just to name a few.

We are the leading provider of low carbon energy solutions for the North American energy industry. We have years of experience integrating natural gas into just about every aspect of the energy industry. Our mobile energy distribution network provides oil & gas producers with a cost-effective way to maximize profitability and minimize environmental impacts.

Our solutions displace diesel and propane fuels to help customers lower operating costs and reduce carbon emissions.

Improve your oil and gas operations with clean and efficient CNG from Certarus. We provide oilfield operators and their suppliers with cost-effective, end-to-end carbon-reduction solutions.

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Virtual CNG Pipeline for Oil & Gas

Services Include

We provide the expertise to capture your flare gas and put it to work as useful compressed natural gas (CNG). Continue production, eliminate flare costs, and increase revenue by monetizing gas that would otherwise be flared.

Using bi-fuel and dedicated natural gas engines can cut costs and reduce emissions. We can work with you to convert equipment and provide a safe and secure supply of CNG to keep your operations running efficiently.

Diesel fuel has long been the top choice for high-horsepower pressure pumping applications. Although effective, diesel is expensive, inefficient, and environmentally harmful. Bi-fuel enables engines to run on two fuels, so you can utilize CNG to maintain engine performance while reducing emissions.

A single well consumes millions of gallons of water that must be heated. The heated fluid is specifically designed to propagate crude oil better. One of the many CNG virtual pipeline advantages is that our bulk CNG delivery provides a clean-burning, cost-effective way to heat frac water quickly.

Mobile and modular turbines enable drillers to switch from diesel-fueled engines to natural gas-powered turbines that produce electricity to drive pressure pumps for fracing operations. Our CNG solutions help reduce fuel costs and reduce carbon emissions.

Completing an oil well requires a lot of time and capital. The high-pressure injection of natural gas into existing vertical wells can increase reservoir pressure stimulation and horizontal well production.

Why Choose Certarus?

When partnering with Certarus for your energy project, we take care of the fuel, so you focus on your operations. We will work with you to develop a mobile energy solution that provides a steady flow of low carbon energy.

Advantages of a CNG Virtual Pipeline Include:

  • Safe, clean, and reliable fuel
  • Reduces fuel costs up to 50 percent
  • Maintain equipment operation with no horsepower loss
  • CNG-powered rigs have lower maintenance costs, which increases profitability
  • CNG-powered platforms reduce carbon dioxide emissions up to 30 percent
  • Eliminates fuel spill and oil contamination risks
  • No boil-off or flaring

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End to End Solutions

Sourced and delivered directly to your location, our compressed gas delivery and mobile energy distribution service makes the transition to low carbon energy easy by providing a clean and reliable flow of fuel to keep your business performing its best. Enjoy safe and secure energy service customized to your unique needs.

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