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CNG Delivery for Mining

The extraction of precious metals and minerals is critical to modern society. From the materials needed to pour cement for sidewalks, to the components used in our technology – we rely on the products of modern mining every day. Challenges like mine location, fuel resource access, and emissions reduction pressure can complicate mining operations, but Certarus is here to help.

We can keep your mining operations performing their best with low carbon energy through our mobile energy distribution solutions. We compress, transport, and integrate natural gas into your mining processes and equipment to help you reduce operating costs and lower environmental impacts by eliminating diesel and propane fuel dependency. Through the safe and reliable delivery of compressed natural gas (CNG) and hydrogen, we offer predictable pricing and a secure supply of low carbon energy.

Reducing carbon-intensive fuels is an easy way to optimize mining sustainability. As investors and regulators increasingly evaluate the environmental impact of mining operations, natural gas and hydrogen offer cost-effective solutions to quickly reduce carbon emissions.

We make low carbon energy solutions available and affordable no matter where you mine. Learn more about our CNG virtual pipeline for mining today.

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CNG Virtual Pipeline for Mining

CNG Virtual Pipeline for Mining 


Mines in cold environments often require heating and ventilation systems to keep the air temperature above freezing, which prevents ice buildup. We can help improve conditions while curbing costs and emissions.

CNG is a clean and efficient power source for your cogen equipment. We monitor and deliver a steady supply of CNG to fuel your operations.

Mining operators have begun combining once-fragmented onsite fueling into one location, which is an effective and risk-reducing cost-management practice. Certarus specializes in the delivery of CNG to centralized fueling hubs.

CNG Delivery for Mining

The Certarus Advantage

  • Cost certainty for the life of the mine
  • Uninterrupted delivery
  • Automated dispatch and scheduling
  • Zero power generation de-rate
  • Lower operating costs
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Market stabilization
  • No boil-off or flaring

End to End Solutions

Sourced and delivered directly to your location, our compressed gas delivery and mobile energy distribution service makes the transition to low carbon energy easy by providing a clean and reliable flow of fuel to keep your business performing its best. Enjoy safe and secure energy service customized to your unique needs.

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