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Renewable Natural Gas

Renewable Natural Gas and Biomethane production is a new commodity and is on the verge of a major expansion across North America offering significant potential for investment and development.

The capturing and utilization of RNG is a powerful tool for reducing greenhouse gases (GHGs) that are the principle cause of climate change. RNG is a flexible energy source with multiple applications depending on energy requirements and market opportunities. It can be used as an industrial fuel for heating or cooling or used to run co-generation units to produce heat, electricity and power.

Certarus is a North American leader in the compression and transportation of Biomethane for RNG projects that are not connected to current infrastructure. Certarus can help bridge the gap by compressing, transporting and reinjecting RNG into existing infrastructure and pipelines.

Certarus RNG Advantages

  • North America’s largest CNG Fleet
  • Regional Supply Points to meet any RNG facility and logistical requirements
  • Allows for a solution to transport RNG for any off-grid landfill project