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CNG Delivery for Disaster Relief

Certarus has developed a Disaster Relief Program using our flexible and diverse Virtual Pipeline System allowing compressed natural gas to be transported and delivered where and when permanent infrastructure has been compromised.

certarus cng delivery for disaster relief

Certarus’ CNG delivery for disaster relief uses a scalable and modular virtual pipeline. Having the largest CNG transportation trailer fleet in North America allows us to provide a reliable, unique and flexible augmentation of the physical pipeline network that is necessary to support first responders, hospitals, and communities. Gas is processed at one of our permanent or portable compressor source stations and made readily available, within hours to support our communities in their time of need. For more information regarding our emergency CNG fueld delivery, contact us today.


  1. Pipeline outage support
  2. Supplement utility gas supply
  3. Critical infrastructure support (hospitals, command centers, aid stations, permeant and temporary housing
  4. Temporary and mobile power generation
  5. Mobile CNG power generation services for emergency CNG fuel delivery

Certarus CNG Advantages

  • Redundant Regional supply points
  • North America’s largest CNG Fleet
  • Higher BTU content than LNG or Propane
  • Smaller foot print when compared to LNG
  • Automated dispatch and scheduling
  • Reduced emissions