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CNG Virtual Pipeline for Pipeline Outages

Pipelines play an important role in safely connecting homeowners, businesses, and industrial facilities with natural gas, providing the fuel they need for electricity, heating, and powering operations. Pipelines deliver a consistent flow of energy that communities and businesses rely on, but sometimes planned and unplanned outages can stop the flow of natural gas to end users.

We help pipeline operators ensure that their customers do not get left in the cold and the dark by providing a rapid response to safely inject compressed natural gas (CNG) into the pipeline to maintain natural gas flow.

Certarus provides efficient and effective methods for mitigating planned and unplanned pipeline outages as well as pipeline pigging. Through the use of CNG, pipeline customers can supply their pipeline needs while saving time and money over using nitrogen and other more expensive procedures.

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Pipeline Applications of CNG

Pipelines are constructed with safety in mind. High-performance coatings and pipe materials improve longevity, whereas shutoff valves permit quick response when issues arise. Comprehensive regulations govern construction and operational processes.

From time to time, grid operators must shutoff process media flow. Our mobile energy distribution services are an ideal way to keep communities connected to the natural gas they depend on.

Strategic maintenance of existing infrastructure, construction of new routes, and expansion of existing networks can occasionally disrupt natural gas transmission. Another cause of planned outages includes examination and testing periodically required by local, regional, and national regulators. Mobile energy distribution from Certarus delivers uninterrupted natural gas access during these periods.

Many things can suddenly disrupt natural gas pipeline functionality. These include inclement weather, corrosion of equipment, weld failures, and even blunt force from workers or onlookers. Certarus offers rapid delivery of CNG with redundant regional supply points, minimizing downtime during emergency pipeline outages.

Pipeline pigging is the practice of using devices or implements known as ‘pigs’ to perform various cleaning, clearing, maintenance, inspection, dimensioning, process, and testing processes on new and existing pipelines. While most pigging operations are performed without stopping product flow, occasionally transmission shut off is necessary. Mobile energy distribution from Certarus provides consistent natural gas access while the transmission is shut off.

Why Certarus?

Whether planning for a future outage or responding to an emergency event, Certarus offers CNG solutions when you need them. Certarus is a leading CNG solutions provider for North American commercial and industrial applications with the nation’s largest fleet of trailers and unrivaled natural gas access. Our team can quickly and efficiently set up a mobile energy distribution solution consisting of pipeless delivery from permanent or portable hubs and onsite decompression. Benefits of this process include:

  • Safe, clean, and reliable solution for line pigging
  • Low cost alternative to Nitrogen
  • Avoid using corrosive materials that may harm the pipeline
  • Redundant Regional supply points
  • No boil-off or flaring

End to End Solutions

Sourced and delivered directly to your location, our compressed gas delivery and mobile energy distribution service makes the transition to low carbon energy easy by providing a clean and reliable flow of fuel to keep your business performing its best. Enjoy safe and secure energy service customized to your unique needs.

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