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Turbine Powered Electric Fracing

Turbine Powered Electric Frac spreads are rapidly disrupting the traditional completions space. Certarus allows operators to realize tremendous cost savings when utilizing compressed natural gas (CNG) to fuel these spreads while also greatly lowering the environmental impact and lowering the carbon footprint over legacy diesel offerings.

With the major infrastructure and fuel quality challenges associated with running field gas, Certarus continues to partner with operators to fuel these operations across North America, having completed more than 100 pads as of Q1 2019. New service providers are entering the Turbine Powered Completions space at a rapid rate, and Certarus will continue to be the industry leading fuel provider allowing these spreads to operate in any basin on any location.

Certarus CNG Advantages

  • Up to 70% reduced Diesel use while maintaining equivalent horse power
  • Reduced maintenance costs while increasing uptime
  • Reduced CO2 and NOx emissions up to 20%
  • Eliminates the risk of fuel spills and soil contamination
  • Reduced noise pollution leading to improved community relations