Today drilling operators are facing ever increasing pressures to further reduce costs while lowering emissions. Through the use of bi-fuel and dedicated natural gas engines, operators have accomplished both. Certarus’ Compressed Natural Gas; ‘Virtual Pipeline’ offers a secure, consistent fuel supply delivered to site with a high degree of mobility.

The Natural Gas Solution


The economic benefits can be massive, turning rig fuel into revenue. Switching to CNG can reduce an E&P’s fuel costs by as much as 70% depending on the geographical area. At a much lower cost than diesel, natural gas-powered rigs are also lowering transportation and refining costs.

Environmental Friendly

Another large benefit to substituting CNG for conventional diesel is the impact on our environmental footprint. Not only will operators see improvements to regional air quality, but a significant reduction in carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxide emissions. Additionally, natural gas engines run quieter than their diesel counterparts, are less visually polluting, odorless and require less maintenance.

Certarus CNG Advantages

  • CNG can reduce fuel cost by 30%-70% with no loss of horse power
  • CNG Bi-fuel (Dual Fuel) and 100% dedicated CNG Rigs reduces maintenance costs while increasing uptime
  • Powering rigs with CNG reduces CO2 and NOx emissions up to 20 percent
  • Eliminates the risk of fuel spills and soil contamination