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CNG for Emergency Pipeline Outages

Certarus offers rapid CNG delivery services for emergency pipeline outages, whether you need temporary or extended fuel support. As a safe, clean, and reliable emergency pipeline outage fuel support, compressed natural gas is the better alternative fuel. Get in touch with us today.

Emergency Pipeline Outages

Emergency pipeline outages can be caused by a myriad of different factors. These include:

  • Pipeline Corrosion: both internal and external
  • Physical (Mechanical) Damage: dents, gouges, etc. normally created by handling during transportation, construction, or maintenance
  • Aging Infrastructure
  • Weld Failure
  • Natural Forces: lightning, cold/freezing temperatures, earthquakes, heavy rain/floods, earth movement

All of these causes lead to the same problem: a potential disruption in supply for your customers and the need for a supplemental fuel source quickly.

Rapid CNG Delivery Services with Certarus

Certarus provides rapid CNG delivery services, ensuring you have a temporary or extended solution for fuel supply. In addition to being safe, clean, and reliable, compressed natural gas can offer you cost savings over Nitrogen and other more expensive procedures. With regional supply points across North America, Certarus is able to rapidly and safely supplement your pipeline with CNG fuel.

Are you in need of emergency pipeline outage fuel support? Contact us now.