Bi-Fuel Fracing

Pressure Pumping Fuel Supply

Diesel has been the fuel of choice for high horse power Pressure Pumping for decades. Although effective, Diesel fuel is expensive and inefficient as it relates to emissions, supply chain and risk reduction. With abundant domestic supplies and recent advances in technology CNG is providing operators with a cost effective reliable solution to rising commodity prices and increasingly restrictive environmental regulations. Switching to CNG can reduce an E&P’s fuel costs by as much as 70% depending on the geographical area.

Another large benefit to substituting CNG for conventional diesel is the impact on our environmental footprint. Not only will operators see improvements to regional air quality, but a significant reduction in carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxide emissions. Additionally, natural gas engines run quieter than their diesel counterparts, are less visually polluting, odorless and require less maintenance.

As North Americas largest supplier of CNG, Certarus is continually driving innovation, working with 11 of North Americas leading Pressure Pumping Companies. Our growing network of strategically located compression hubs across Canada and the United States, has the largest CNG Fleet in North America.

Certarus CNG Advantages

  • Up to 70% reduced Diesel use while maintaining equivalent horse power
  • Reduced maintenance costs while increasing uptime
  • Reduced CO2 and NOx emissions up to 20%
  • Eliminates the risk of fuel spills and soil contamination
  • Reduced noise pollution leading to improved community relations