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Compressed Natural Gas for Line Pigging

Certarus offers CNG delivery for pipeline pigging & inline inspection services used compressed natural gas. CNG offers a safe, clean, and reliable pressure source for line pigging. With the largest fleet in North America and stable sourcing, Certarus is the partner you need. Contact us today to learn more about our pipeline pigging services utilizing CNG.

What is In-Line Inspection?

In-line Inspection (ILI) is the evaluation of pipelines using “smart pigs” through the use of non-destructive evaluation techniques. The goal of ILI is to detect any deformities, corrosion, and other defects or issues that may impact the performance and integrity of a pipeline. Pipeline pigging is one method used to perform ILI.

Another method is called Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) Inspection. MFL is a magnetic method of non-destructive testing used to detect corrosion and deformities in pipelines. A magnet is used to magnetize the steel of the pipe; where there is corrosion, the magnetic field “leaks” and this leak is detected by an MFL tool.

What is Pipeline Pigging?

Pipeline pigging is the practice of using tools known as “pigs” (Pipeline Inspection Gauge) to perform cleaning, clearing, maintenance, inspection, and testing operations on both new and existing pipelines. During the pigging process, the pig moves through the pipe, removing and detecting any build ups.

There are many different reasons for line pigging. Some include:

  • Cleaning and Clearing
  • Proving Servicing
  • Testing
  • Poor Pumping Efficiences
  • High Pressure Costs
  • Pressure Reduction

CNG Delivery for Pipeline Pigging

Utilizing CNG for pipeline pigging provides a high-pressure gas utilized to push the pig. You may be wondering what the benefits of using CNG in line pigging are. In addition to being safe, clean, and reliable, CNG:

  • Is simple: involves no onsite compression, purging, flaring, or liquid fuels
  • Avoids corrosive materials: corrosive materials may harm the pipeline
  • Has no downtime
  • Offers a low-cost alternative to Nitrogen: through reduced equipment cost, lower cost of propellant, and less setup time

Integrity Management

Line pigging is crucial in integrity management of your pipeline. This process detects defects such as pitting, corrosion, and build up that could lead to reduced performance, increased energy costs, and potential leaks or cracks in the pipeline.

Industries & Applications

Although most commonly thought of in terms of the Oil & Gas industry, line pigging can be utilized for a number of different applications:

  • Water Pipelines: for the removal of mud, scale, sediment, calcium carbonate, biofilms, bacteria, and more
  • Mining & Process Slurry Pipelines: for the removal of calcium carbonate, particles, scale, rust, and debris
  • Crude Oil Pipelines: for the removal of wax, sand, bacteria, chemical residue, scale, rust, and more
  • New Gas Transmission Pipelines: for the removal of leftover construction debris, water, rust, and scale
  • Existing Sales Gas Pipelines: for the removal of iron oxides, iron carbonates, and more
  • Process Pipeline: for the removal of contaminants, product residues, and other impurities

Why Certarus?

Certarus has the largest fleet of CNG delivery trucks in North America. We provide our customers with vertical integrity and stable sourcing, ensuring minimal downtime and a consistent supply of compressed natural gas. With our highly engineered gas delivery also comes 24/7 remote monitoring to proactively identify and resolve any issues.

Ready to get started with CNG delivery for pipeline pigging or learn more about our inline inspection and pipeling pigging services? Get in touch today.