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Portable CNG Compressors

Certarus’ portable CNG hubs are capable of supplying over 6,000 mcf/day of instantaneous natural gas supply sufficiently meeting the requirements of our high volume end user. Certarus is able to mobilize our portable CNG compressors to an operator’s natural gas connection creating a regional supply of CNG that eliminates expensive trucking, LNG liquefaction costs and enables Certarus’ clients to burn their own natural gas feedstock. For more information regarding our portable compressed natural gas platform contact us today.

certarus portable cng compressors

Certarus CNG Advantages

  • Certarus portable CNG trailers and hubs are located off of major highways in regions with multiple large volume consumers of diesel and propane
  • Standard compression hub size of up to 6 mmcf/d; capable of displacing up to 175,000 liters / 46,000 gallons of diesel per day
  • Targeted CNG transport and delivery distance of < 150 miles from compression hubs
  • Portable design allows for easy mob and demob
  • Allows producers to utilize internal gas feedstock for additional cost savings
  • Applications in a number of industries like mining, pipeline, and asphalt plants